More Poles displeased with domestic situation - survey

October saw the biggest surge in dissatisfaction with the situation in Poland since December 2020, with 56 percent of respondents in a CBOS survey describing it as bad (up 4 percentage points from September).

Twenty-eight percent were pleased with the country's situation (down 2 pps), 16 percent could not say (down 2 pps).

Also up is the percentage of Poles expecting the domestic situation to worsen (46 percent, up 5 pps). Fifteen percent expect it to improve (down 3 pps).

CBOS wrote that despite a rise in negative opinions about the overall situation, opinions about the national economy remain largely stable, with 29 percent calling it good (down 2 pps) and 34 percent bad (up 1 pp).

CBOS ran the mixed-mode survey on October 4-14 on a random sample of 1,161 adult Poles.