More and more Indian workers to arrive in Poland

Up to 25,000 people are awaiting Polish work visas in the embassy in New Delhi, India, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (DGP) daily wrote on Monday.

People from India, Nepal and Bangladesh are waiting to come to Poland. "These are people recruited by Polish companies that have valid work permits issued by provincial offices," wrote the daily.

According to the newspaper, some of them have unsuccessfully tried to register their visa applications for as many as eight months. "The problem is staff shortages. The consular department at the Embassy in New Delhi employs four people, which is why the consulate has issued only 3,500 work visas since the beginning of the year."

"Not only is there great interest, but also various types of fraud stand behind the big inflow of applications. Local agents register in the system and then try to resell the visas," the director of the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former consul in New Delhi Artur Lompart told PAP.

As provided by the daily, the visa's outsourcing can be a good solution. It means that requests can be processed by external companies.