MoD praises arrest warrant for Putin

Pavel Bednyakov/sputnik/PAP/EPA

Mariusz Blaszczak, Poland's defence minister, on Saturday praised the International Criminal Court (ICC) for issuing an arrest warrant for Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

On Friday the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin on war crime charges involving illegal deportations of children from Russian-held parts of Ukraine. A similar warrant was issued for Russia's children's ombudsman Marya Lvova-Byelova 

"It's a good thing... that such a warrant has been issued," Blaszczak told the TVP Info news channel, but warned that Russia had supporters around the world.

"We should be aware that there are forces in the world which do not wish the reconstruction of the Russian empire to be stopped," he said.

Asked if the warrant for Putin could convince some countries to stop trying to negotiate with Russia, Blaszczak said that this was "a good question," adding that "this is all a game of interests."

The ICC launched inquiries into Russian war crimes in Ukraine on March 3 2022 on a motion by a group of countries including Poland.