Mobile operators test 5G network in Polish cities - daily

Poland has still not launched a fully functional 5G communications network, but more and more Polish cities are planned to have 5G tests and, next year, one of them may implement the network for commercial use, the Gazeta Wyborcza daily wrote on Tuesday.

Poland's Digital Affairs Minister Marek Zagorski said that Polish cities such as Warsaw and Lodz, both in central Poland, and Krakow, in southern Poland, have the greatest chances for 5G implementation for commercial purposes. In total, new generation network trials have been done so far in 14 smaller and larger cities, the daily said.

The daily added that in the past two years, over twenty pilot tests of the 5G network have been conducted in Poland, and that the network is being tested the most intensively in Warsaw.

Poland's industrial region of Silesia, southern Poland, is second in terms of the intensity of technical testing of 5G capabilities, the daily wrote. One of Poland's biggest mobile operators has already launched tests in Gliwice, Bytom, Chorzow, Katowice and Piekary Slaskie, in southern Poland.