Minority government not an option says spokesperson

Rafał Guz/PAP

The government spokesperson has ruled out any plans to form a minority government in the event of the Solidary Poland party, a junior ally in the ruling coalition, trying to block Poland's deal with the European Commission on the National Recovery Plan (KPO).

Solidary Poland, and its leader and Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro, are against any concessions towards the EU amid the ongoing Warsaw-Brussels crisis, which has resulted in Poland not yet receiving any money from the multi-billion EU post-pandemic recovery funds.

But Piotr Mueller, the government spokesman, told a press conference on Saturday that "there is no question of any minority government," when asked about the possibility of ousting Solidary Poland from the ruling camp.

"We want the government of the United Right to continue its mission, carry it out until the end of the term, so that we can run together in the parliamentary elections in October 2023," he said.

"This model of cooperation, which assumes a joint start in next year's elections, is still valid and it is the optimal model," Mueller added.

He admitted that there are differences between the ruling party, Law and Justice (PiS), and its small ally but "this does not change the fact that in a difficult geopolitical situation, a difficult financial situation, we must do everything to ensure that the funds that are due to Poland flow to our country."

"We are looking for various kinds of compromise... I hope that, if necessary, some legislative changes will be generated, and Solidary Poland will also support these changes," Mueller said.

In his opinion, it is the European Commission that is mainly responsible for the KPO stalemate as it "changes its expectations many times, formulates them not in a very detailed way, and hence there are misunderstandings in the dispute."

Meanwhile, the opposition Civic Coalition (KO) and the Left party announced on Thursday that they will jointly submit a motion of no confidence in Ziobro before the next sitting of the Sejm, the lower house, scheduled for November 15-17.

Mueller said on Saturday that PiS will vote against no confidence in Ziobro.

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