Ministers call for sanctions on states helping Russia dodge sanctions

The foreign ministers of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine have appealed for the imposition if restrictions against countries that help Russia circumvent Western sanctions for invading Ukraine.

Gabrielius Landsbergis of Lithuania, Zbigniew Rau of Poland and Dmytro Kuleba of Ukraine issued a joint statement on the matter on Thursday, the second anniversary of the establishment of a format of trilateral cooperation known as the Lublin Triangle.

In the document, the ministers said Russian assets that have been frozen by the West should be passed on to Ukraine and called for a total embargo on Russian oil and gas.

They also appealed for the expansion of existing sanctions and a full ban on Russian banks' access to global interbank payment system Swift.

The ministers said Russia should be prosecuted for its invasion of Ukraine as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on Ukrainian territory.

Poland and Lithuania have also committed themselves to helping Ukraine in its future EU membership negotiations and to supporting Kyiv's potential Nato accession.