Minimum wage to notably rise for Poles in 2024

Paweł Supernak/PAP

The minimum wage will significantly increase in Poland next year as the country struggles with inflation, family and social policy minister has said.

From January 2023, the minimum wage went up to PLN 3,490 (EUR 770) from PLN 3,010 (EUR 664), to be followed by another hike to PLN 3,600 (EUR 794) from July 1, 2023.

At the same time, the minimum hourly rate was raised from PLN 19.60 (EUR 4.33) to PLN 22.80 (EUR 5.03) effective January 1 and PLN 23.50 (EUR 5.19) as of July 1.

"Next year's minimum wage will be above PLN 4,200 (EUR 927) due to high inflation," Marlena Malag told PAP on Saturday.

"The same as this year, it will be set on two dates - from January 1 and from July 1," she added.

Malag said of the rationale behind the decision for such a significant increase... is to ensure that Poles who have the lowest wage have the opportunity to live with dignity."

She added that about 3 million people currently receive the minimum wage in Poland.

The government is legally obliged to raise the minimum wage twice a year if the annual average inflation in the previous year exceeds 5 percent.

The latest inflation reading for April 2023 is a 14.7 percent increase in prices of goods and services compared to the same month of 2022.

The Council of Ministers is legally obliged to submit by June 15 a proposal for next year's minimum wage and minimum hourly rate to the Social Dialogue Council, an advisory body composed of representatives of government, trade unions and employers.

"We want the draft on minimum wage in 2024 to be submitted to the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers next week, and on June 13 it could be presented at the meeting of the Council of Ministers," Malag said.