Millions raised to save critically-ill toddler’s life

Dawid’s parents said: “We have little time, because his heart is weakening”. Fundacja

A staggering 5million PLN (1.8mln Euros) has been raised to help a critically-ill toddler with a life-saving operation.

Dawid Drapacz, 2.5, was born with a rare and life-threatening heart and lung defect which can only be treated in the USA.

Four months ago, desperate parents Ela and Sławek turned to fundraising page for help, writing: “If we do not do anything, Dawid will die in agony.”

In their cry for help, the couple who live in Opole said: “One day his heart will not give enough oxygen to his blood, the blood will thicken, and our son will choke.

“We have little time, because his heart is weakening ... Although you cannot see it yet – Dawid is dying!

The operation costs the equivalent of 9mln PLN.Fundacja

“We need a whole army of people of good hearts to collect a gigantic amount of money for an operation ... Let's make this miracle together, save a small life!”

Dawid's defect is so rare and so difficult to treat it requires surgical reconstruction of small pulmonary arteries. The operation costs the equivalent of 9mln PLN.

In response the site has been flooded with donations from nearly 200,000 generous donors and well-wishers, with some individual donors giving as much as 80,000 PLN.

Today stunned Ela and Sławek said: “It’s incredible, beloved miracle workers. Today we feel such huge relief and gratefulness.

“We managed to collect more than PLN 5 million for saving the life of our little heart.

“There’s a long way to go before Dawid is healthy but the first most important step has just been made. We did it together”.

The charity website says it is still collecting donations HERE.