Mike Tyson in video about the Warsaw Uprising

Mike Tyson talking about the Warsaw Uprsising. Foodcare

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has appeared in a video about the history of the Warsaw Uprising.

The former heavyweight champion teamed up with Polish food giant Foodcare Group to produce the short video of Tyson talking to camera. 

Chairman of the FoodCare Supervisory Board, Wiesław Włodarski, said: "I have known Mike Tyson for many years, he is the face of our brand ‘Black Energy Drink’. 

“Few people know about it, but Mike is very interested in history. I have often talked to him about the history of Poland, including the history of World War II. When I turned to Mike with the idea to make a video about the Warsaw Uprising, he happily agreed. 

“He knew a lot about this part of our past. He wrote and edited a part of the film himself. "

The video which appears on YouTube comes ahead of the 74th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising on August 1, and was recorded at Mike Tyson's home in Las Vegas where he happily agreed to do it for free. 

Mr Włodarski said: "Without understanding what Poland has gone through, our suffering during the Second World War at the hands of the Nazis, and then the difficult time we had to deal with during communism, one cannot understand what Poles are doing today to Poles. 

“This suffering made us strong, gave us the will to fight. So, I hope that we Poles will now be together to present our history to the world. 

" We all have to play a role in promoting Poland. We must do everything possible so that the world can see and understand not only today's Poland, with the amazing development of business, with great strength in the economy, production, but also our history.

The Polish company FoodCare leads the global market with brands such as Fitella, Gellwe N-Gine and Black Energy, 4Move and Frugo.

FoodCare is the largest producer of private labels in dessert categories in Central Europe. 

Company President Wiesław Włodarski is also the owner of the five-star hotel The Bonerowski Palace at the Main Market Square in Kraków.