Migration situation in Poland a challenge for Europe, says PM

Hollie Adams/POOL/PAP/EPA

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, has stated before a meeting with his British counterpart in London that the migration situation in Poland is very intense and that it is a problem for the whole of Europe.

"We can see that not necessarily good players have appeared on our borders, and this is a problem for all Europe," Morawiecki said before a meeting with Boris Johnson in London on Friday.

Johnson declared that Poland was Britain's closest European ally in Nato as far as defence and long-term security were concerned, and added that this also applied to other areas.

Morawiecki on Sunday began a series of visits to European capitals to discuss the current migrant crisis on Poland's, Lithuania's and Latvia's borders with Belarus.

Morawiecki's first stop was Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. He also visited Ljubljana and attended a meeting of the prime ministers of the other countries of the Visegrad group (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) in Budapest. Morawiecki met with Emmanuel Macron, the French president, in Paris on Wednesday. He also met with outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the candidate for new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, in Berlin on Thursday.