MFA urges Dutch officials to ensure Poles' security amid shop blasts

The Polish foreign ministry has called on the Dutch authorities to ensure the safety of Poles following a spate of four explosions in shops frequented by Polish citizens in the Netherlands.

The series of events began with explosions at two Polish shops on Tuesday, followed by another blast on Wednesday morning, which damaged a Polish supermarket near Amsterdam.

On Saturday morning, the Dutch media reported yet another explosion. According to public broadcaster NOS, the Wednesday-damaged supermarket was hit again on Saturday. Dutch media said all the shops are owned by Kurds.

Speaking to the private Polish broadcaster Radio Zet on Saturday, Poland's Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski said that "even if the owners are not Poles, their customers are Polish citizens particularly vulnerable to such attacks."

The minister said the attacks may be ethnically motivated. "This is a very worrying situation. You can see that these are not random attacks. We asked (the Dutch authorities) to thoroughly investigate (the incidents - PAP) and catch the perpetrators and punish them as soon as possible," he said.