MEPs demand suspension of tourists visas for Russians

A group of MEPs, among others from Poland, have demanded the suspension of tourist visas to the EU for Russians as a sanction after Moscow's February invasion of Ukraine.

In a letter to European Commission and European Council heads Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, the MEPs from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and other countries wrote: "We decidedly support the idea voiced by several EU members, most notably Finland and the Baltic countries, to suspend the issue of tourist visas to Russian citizens, the citizens of a country which has launched an unprovoked war against Ukraine."

They added that "Russian citizens should not be welcome in the EU as long as Ukrainians have to suffer under the cruelty of Russian aggression."

A Polish MEP, Kosma Zlotowski, told PAP on Friday that the EU's sanctions on Russian officials to date were insufficient, and the visa suspension would be "an important signal that the EU (is prepared to - PAP) react strongly to Russia's cruelty."