MEP says Poland's gov't violates Polish constitution - MEP

A Polish opposition MEP has accused Poland’s government of violating the country’s constitution while the Court of Justice of the European Union is "safeguarding” it.

Addressing Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish the prime minister, during a European Parliament debate in Strasbourg on Tuesday, Andrzej Halicki, an MEP who represents the European Peoples Party, criticised Morawiecki for his attacks on "partners and friends."

Morawiecki was at the European Parliament to attend a debate on the ruling by Poland's Constitutional Tribunal that found the Polish constitution took precedence over EU law.

The ruling has increased tensions between Warsaw and Brussels, and prompted allegations that the Polish government is undermining the rule of law.

"Why are you saying here that a conflict exists? It is the Court of Justice (EU) that is safeguarding the Polish constitution, while your government is violating it," said the MEP. "It is your government that wants politicised judges, it is your government that is restricting freedom of the media and the functioning of freedom of speech."

Halicki added that Morawiecki was "seeking allies in places where he should not be," and pointed out that it was Morawiecki himself who once said that "security lies in the community, in our common Europe."

He also said that it should be Poles who decide "our place in Europe… because as you (Morawiecki – PAP) put it, Poland was 'a proud nation that has a place in Europe.'"

"Where are your obligations?" he continued. "Because, today, you are playing with the security of Poland and Poles. You do not have a mandate to do so. We will defend Poland in Europe, because Poland has a different face, and not one that uses language of aggression. You witnessed this last Sunday during the demonstrations (supporting the presence of Poland - PAP) in the EU," he said.

"Poles are not indifferent to our future, the common future of Europe and Poland," said Halicki.