Medical University of Warsaw creates COVID-19 diagnosis app

According to the university, the app is very simple to use. Press materials

Warsaw’s medical university has broken new medical ground in Poland by coming up with an app that can diagnose the coronavirus without people having to visit a doctor.

The first of its type in Poland, the was created by the university's Medical Simulation and Innovation Centre (CSMI WUM) and the firm Termini.

According to the university, the app is very simple to use. After registering for the online service, users provide three pieces of information: the percentage result of a pulse oximeter test, a subjective assessment of any shortness of breath (on a scale of one to 10), and body temperature.

The patient must then provide information about the number of breaths per minute and heart rate. The information is then sent automatically to a doctor or paramedic.

“The main goal we set ourselves is relieve the burden on the Polish health care system by automating certain patient care activities,” CSMI WUM president Doctor Marcin Kaczor was quoted on the university’s website as saying. “The application can help identify people who may be infected but don’t have any symptoms. It can also indicate whether a person needs to see a doctor or if can stay at home where their condition can be monitored.”

WUM said the application is already available online and ready for use. It is only intended to be activated, however, when administrators, such as clinics or local governments that have bought a subscription to use it, are part of the system.