Media must work together to counter AI threat says press agencies head

Marcin Kmieciński/PAP

The head of the European Alliance of News Agencies has called for press agencies to work together to counter the threat posed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Clemens Pig was speaking at the opening of the fifth Future Media Conference organised by the Polish Press Agency (PAP) in Warsaw.

"AI in the wrong hands can lead to massive waves of fake news, attacking and endangering democratic societies," said Pig.

"Therefore it is crucial for us, as news agencies, to work together, benefit from each other in building knowledge of AI, its challenges and opportunities, and to cooperate on joint solutions in order to be able to deal with AI-supported waves of false news and similar challenges.

"Serious media can only survive in this battle with credible and trustworthy journalism," he added.

Russia's war on Ukraine, Pig also said, demonstrated how autocratic regimes undermine freedom through the use of propaganda and false information.

Touching on the same theme, Wojciech Surmacz, the PAP president, said since the Russian invasion Poles and Ukrainians have been "battling a great wave of false information about what is happening in Ukraine, about what is happening in Poland, about who we are and what are like."

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