13/12/2020 Sunday

Mazowsze to give online live performance of ‘Polish Bethlehem’


On December 13th at 5p.m. the Mazowsze group will perform Lucjan Rydel's ‘Betlejem Polskie’ (Polish Bethlehem), directed by Zbigniew Kułagowski.

The live online performance will be a free and will be streamed straight from the Mazowsze auditorium in Otrębusy.

The date of the performance is not accidental. On December 13, Poland commemorates the anniversary of the outbreak of martial law in the country, and the performance "Polish Bethlehem" is the essence of patriotism. In this way, Mazowsze want to recognise this day and all those who fought for a free Poland over the centuries.

You can watch the performance live on Facebook and on the band's YouTube channel.