Mastercard and Caritas Polska to launch 11 donation machines

By the end of October, Mastercard and Polish charitable organisation Caritas Polska plan to have installed the first 11 donation machines in 10 locations nationwide, Caritas Polska's director, Rev. Marcin Izycki, has announced.

The new terminals will enable rapid transfer of funds for a chosen Caritas charitable cause in the form of a swipe card, telephone or other mobile device with a payment functionality.

"Using modern technological solutions, we want to connect tradition with modernity," the Caritas director told a press conference, expressing hope that the donation machines will enable Poles to quickly and easily donate funds to various projects run by the charity.

He said Caritas Polska, in total, plans to install 30 such machines: "By the end of October, we will site 11 in various parts of the country, and by the end of the year another 19."

He said four machines would be put in PKP train stations in: Warsaw; Krakow, southern Poland; Wroclaw, southwestern Poland; and Kielce, south-central Poland; and two at Warsaw's Chopin Airport. Machines will also be installed at the Czestochowa sanctuary in Jasna Gora, southern Poland, the basilica in Kolobrzeg on the Baltic coast and the parish of Christ the King in Sanok, southeastern Poland, as well as at the Centrum Okopowa conference centre in Warsaw.

The machines will come with four language options: Polish, English, French and German.