March for Climate starts in Katowice

Around 1,000 people are taking part in a "March for Climate," which started in Poland's southern city of Katowice, the capital of the Silesian mining district on Saturday.

Activists from Poland and from around the world gathered in the main square of the city, where delegates from almost 200 countries are holding a two-week meeting on curbing climate change.

The marchers' symbol is an alarm clock, as organisers seek to wake governments up to the urgency of action.

COP24, the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN convention on climate change, is being held in Katowice (south Poland) from December 2 to 14. Attending the event are almost 30,000 delegates from all over the world, including heads of government and ministers responsible for environmental and climate issues. The summit's main objective is the passage of legislation implementing the Paris Agreement.