Maple Bear, the largest private educational network in the world has opened its first Canadian-Polish school in Poland

Maple Bear

A new global player has entered the educational map of Poland: Maple Bear schools and preschools, where education is based on Canadian teaching methodology. Today, Maple Bear operates more than 580 institutions in over 39 countries worldwide.

The first Maple Bear primary school and preschool were opened on September 4, 2023 in Katowice. The legendary co-founder of the Maple Bear network, Rodney Briggs, was there to celebrate the occasion.

In the coming years, at least 35 institutions will be established in Poland, offering education from preschool to high school.

Maple Bear is the largest and fastest-growing private educational network in the world, currently operating in over 39 countries. Maple Bear schools and preschools educate over 55,000 students worldwide. The Maple Bear methodology is based on the best Canadian educational practices, fully bilingual, and recognized as one of the best in the world according to independent international assessments like PISA.

Official inauguration of the Maple Bear Network in Katowice

The first Maple Bear school in Poland was opened on September 4, 2023, in Katowice. The event was attended by children and their parents, guardians, city officials, and guests from around the world. Honorary guest Rodney Briggs, co-founder of Maple Bear, presented a certificate confirming the Katowice institution's compliance with Maple Bear's global standards. In his words, "The Maple Bear teaching program has been carefully designed to nurture the well-rounded development of each child, encompassing their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social aspects. Our goal is to equip children with the competencies necessary to face the challenges of the 21st century."

In Poland, the development of the network is overseen by Maple Bear Holdings Polska. The company plans to open 35 institutions across the country. Additional schools are already under construction in Wroclaw and Poznan (scheduled to open in September 2024), as well as in Warsaw and Krakow, where completely new school buildings are planned. The capital required for such a significant undertaking comes from private investors and the Vantage Best in Class investment fund from South Africa, which has partnered with Maple Bear CEE, based in Bulgaria. The total investment value is approximately 100 million euros.

Grzegorz Esz, President of Maple Bear Holdings Polska, stated, "Polish-Canadian Maple Bear schools bring a new quality of education to the Polish educational market, based on Canadian methodology, where children are at the center of attention, and the curriculum prepares them thoroughly from a young age to become responsible citizens of the world." He adds, "Canadian teaching methodology promotes collaboration and dialogue among students and between students and teachers. Students learn to work in groups, discuss, exchange views, and jointly solve problems. In this way, communication, cooperation, argumentation, and listening skills are developed - all essential for creative thinking and critical analysis."

Bilingual and Dual Curriculum

Maple Bear's mission is to provide student-centered teaching in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment that prepares students for success in further education, and instills a passion for lifelong learning. One of the milestones on which Maple Bear has built its success worldwide is bilingualism. In Maple Bear institutions worldwide, education is conducted using an immersive approach: teachers conduct lessons in English to ensure children have constant contact with a living language. In primary school, the program is delivered in both English and the local language. In Maple Bear schools in Poland, local programs such as Polish literature are conducted in Polish.

The exceptionally high quality of education in Maple Bear schools is ensured by a unique system for developing teacher competencies. This is overseen by an Academic Council composed of over 200 outstanding Canadian educators. Yann Bidan, General Manager of Maple Bear CEE responsible for network development in Central and Eastern Europe, explained how Maple Bear ensures the highest quality of education in over 39 countries where its institutions are located: "Maple Bear Global in Canada provides academic support and teacher training. High teacher competencies are one of the strengths of the Canadian education system. At Maple Bear, we have recreated this ecosystem. Our academic team and trainers travel around the world to provide both initial and ongoing training and support to all our teachers." Maple Bear also ensures the quality of schools and teaching through annual audits.

Maple Bear in Katowice, school right in the City Center

The bilingual Maple Bear primary school and preschool in Katowice - the first Polish Maple Bear institution - opened in September 2023. It is located in one of the most beautiful historic buildings right in the center of Katowice in Stawowa Street. Renovation and ensuring full compliance with Maple Bear's global standards took eight months and cost over 6 million Polish zlotys. The Katowice Maple Bear campus includes a restored historic school building from 1871, a modern playground, and two gymnasiums in a separate building.

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