Man sets himself on fire near House of Parliament in Warsaw

The police spokesman said that the man did not have any letters or banners with him, and the motives for his actions remained unknown. Radek Pietruszka/PAP

A middle-aged man on a bike has set himself on fire in front of a WWII monument in Warsaw.

The 48-year-old identified only as Mieczysław P. from Malopolska is reported to have cycled up to journalists standing close to the Home Army monument by the House of Parliament and asked if they were involved in investigative journalism.

He then shouted "there is no justice in this country," before moving towards the monument and setting himself ablaze.

Police, armed guards and standers-by quickly put out the fire before he was taken to hospital.

Police spokesman Robert Szumata said: “Around 13:45 a 48-year-old man set himself on fire.

“The fire was extinguished and an ambulance was called.

“The man was conscious when the ambulance arrived.”

The man's motives remain unclear.