Man kills four family members before taking his own life

A 41-year-old man killed four members of his own family, including a baby, and then committed suicide, prosecutors have told PAP.

The bodies of a woman, the baby, the man's parents and his own were found in a house in Chodziez, central Poland, on Monday evening.

Karolina Smardz-Dymek, a Chodziez police officer, said a relative had found the first two bodies when he came to the house after being unable to contact the family. Police who arrived at the scene discovered the other three bodies.

Smardz-Dymek said that all the victims were related but declined to provide further details.

According to unofficial reports published by the website of the TVN24 television news channel, the bodies of the 41-year-old man, the 38-year-old woman and the baby were found on the ground floor of the house, while the man's parents were found dead on the first floor. According to the website, all the victims had stab wounds to the neck.

Prosecutors say the 41-year-old was the murderer.

"He killed his parents and then the woman and the baby," said a spokesman for the local Prosecutor's Office. "There is no confirmation of a version that this could have been done by a third person. What we're dealing with is four murders and the killer's suicide."