Making a splash: 1,500 square metres of wall get mural makeover

Perhaps Poland’s biggest piece of wall art, the mural covers a huge amount of space. Ośrodek Promocji Kultury / Cultural Promotion Centre Częstochowa

Known throughout Poland as the location of Jasna Góra, the famous shrine to the Virgin Mary and a place of pilgrimage for the faithful, the city of Częstochowa has rolled out another attraction in the form of one of Poland’s biggest murals.

Located near the town’s railway station "Strażnik Czasu" (The Time Guard) covers 1,500 square metres on a building on Wolności 19th Avenue. The massive mural is the work of Tomasz Sętowski and watchmaker Stefan Rybicki, who came up with the idea. 

The artist had to incorporate 19 windows and six doors into the painting.Ośrodek Promocji Kultury / Cultural Promotion Centre Częstochowa

Work on what its creators called the largest painting in the world took several months. The project was a huge challenge, not only because of the wall’s uneven surface but also because walls come with fixtures. The artist had the difficult job of covering 19 windows and six doors with paint, which meant the original design had to be changed to fit all the "openings" in the wall.

The mural’s name, "Time Guardian," is a tribute by Sętowski to Rybicki, the man who came up with the idea of painting the huge wall. Rybicki is the most famous watchmaker in Częstochowa, and number 19 on the avenue was the home of a workshop founded by his father, also a watchmaker, 70 years ago.

With time its theme, the mural is a tribute to a famous watchmaker.Ośrodek Promocji Kultury / Cultural Promotion Centre Częstochowa

Sętowski says the mural raises questions about time and space. The painting on the house not only decorates a sad grey wall, but will, he hopes, stimulate thought and discussion about art and its location in those who see it.