Majority pessimistic about home affairs - poll

Fifty eight percent of Poles are pessimistic about recent developments in their country and 64 percent have a negative view of the economic situation, the Kantar pollster revealed on Wednesday in a survey.

The percentage of pessimists was 9 percentage points down from a previous poll.

According to Kantar, the survey shows rising optimism in Poles' appraisal of their domestic situation.

Twenty seven percent were optimistic about the internal situation, an equal percentage spoke positively about the national economy.

Over one-third of the respondents (39 percent) believed living conditions in Poland will not deteriorate over the next three years, 21 percent expected improvement, 32 percent a worsening.

Forty eight percent said it was easy to find work in Poland, 44 percent that employment could be found, but not necessary according to preference, 4 percent said good jobs were easily available.

Forty one percent were pessimistic about the labour market.

Kantar ran the computer-assisted survey on May 7-12 on a random sample of 1,005 Poles.