Majority of Ukrainians in Poland plan to improve qualifications

The vast majority of highly-qualified Ukrainians working in Poland in low-skilled positions plan to improve their qualifications in order to earn a higher salary, according to data from Gremi Personal, an employment agency.

Figures from the Office for Foreigners put the number of Ukrainian refugees in Poland at 1.4 million. Many of them have found work but often have positions that are below their qualifications.

Gremi Personal experts noted that while Ukrainians had diplomas and professional certificates from Ukraine, which are theoretically recognised in Poland, in practice their knowledge and skills turn out to be insufficient, because in Poland they often work on completely different machines, using more modern technology.

Anna Dzhobolda from Gremi Personal said: "The requirements in Poland are higher, so even if someone is highly qualified, in Poland they usually start with simple jobs and have to retrain."

In her opinion, for most Ukrainians looking for a job the barrier is no longer the Polish language, but the fact that employees work on different equipment and must have qualifications certified by a Polish organisation.

"Ukrainians quickly improve their qualifications, and, according to research by the Gremi Personal Analytical Centre, 75 percent of employees who currently work in low-skilled positions, but have high qualifications in Ukraine, plan to improve their qualifications in Poland to earn more," Gremi reported.

Additionally, 57 percent of Ukrainians want to stay and work in Poland for at least another year. "In most cases, their first job in Poland is below their qualifications," it added.