Majority of Poles want to continue arming Ukraine indicates poll

As many as 77.5 percent of the public are in favour of Poland continuing to arm Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, a recent poll has revealed.

The Rzeczpospolita daily, which commissioned the survey by pollster IBRiS, highlighted that Poland has to date sent Ukraine in excess of USD 2 billion in weaponry.

"Poland is among the leading countries supporting Ukrainian soldiers," the paper wrote. "Data from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy show that we are in fourth place for the declared amount of arms for our eastern neighbour, to a value of EUR 1.82 billion."

"According to IBRiS research, 77.5 percent of those surveyed favour sending weapons and armaments for Ukrainian soldiers, 18.3 percent are against and only 4.2 percent have no opinion."

Those in favour, Rzeczpospolita reported, mostly voted for the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party in the last election (97 percent), The Left (91 percent) or the main opposition grouping, Civic Coalition (KO), (86 percent).

Most opponents to arming Ukraine are supporters of the right-wing politician Krzysztof Bosak (31 percent) and Confederation (Konfederacja) party (27 percent) as well as Szymon Holownia, leader of the centre-right Poland 2050 party.

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