Majority of Poles want restrictions for unvaccinated people

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

More than 50 percent of Poles favour tighter measures on people who are unvaccinated, a new poll has found.

According to the survey by the research firm IBRiS, published on the web portal on Friday, 53.8 percent of the respondents would welcome tougher restrictions on non-jabbed people in Poland, while 41.3 percent opposed such measures.

Pollees were also asked whether Covid shots should be compulsory for medical staff. This idea was supported by 65.2 percent, whereas 30.7 percent opposed it.

A similar result was obtained when the poll asked about obligatory vaccinations for teachers with 57.9 percent in favour and 39.0 percent against.

The question of whether it should be permissible to request information from employees about their vaccination status received 55.9 percent positive and 37.4 negative responses.

The poll was carried out on November 18 on a representative sample of 1,100 adult Poles.