Majority of Poles positive about EU membership

Mateusz Marek/PAP

The majority of Poles have assessed Poland's membership in the European Union as positive, while the idea of a common European currency is still perceived negatively, the Eurobarometer survey by the European Commission (EC) has said.

Over half of those surveyed believe that Poland's interests are well considered within the EU. The vast majority of Poles, 81 percent feel like an EU citizen and 71 percent feel connected with the community.

The poll also shows that 42 percent of respondents admitted Poles would be able to manage outside of the EU, if such a scenario were to arise in the future.

According to the EC, 64 percent of Poles described Poland's economic situation as good, while 47 percent said it is much better than the European average.

However, issues that Poles are concerned about, such as price increases and the cost of living, as well as health care, remain constant.

The survey was run on November 14-29 on a representative sample of 1,008 Poles over the age of 15.