Majority of Poles believe war in Ukraine threatens Poland's security

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

According to a January-held CBOS survey, 79 percent of Poles think that Russia's war in Ukraine poses a threat to Poland's security.

Out of those 79 percent, 36 percent said the war in Ukraine definitely threatens Poland’s security and 43 percent said "rather yes".

The opposite opinion was held by 16 percent of respondents.

When asked how the war will end, 31 percent of respondents said that Ukraine will have to give up part of its territory and 28 percent believed that Russia would withdraw from the invaded parts of Ukraine.

According to 13 percent of those surveyed, Russia will also withdraw from the territories of Ukraine seized in 2014. Only two percent of respondents believed that Russia would gain control over the whole of Ukraine. Twenty-six percent of respondents held no opinion on the matter.

The survey was conducted on January 9-22, 2023 on a representative sample of 1,028 adult residents of Poland, using a mixed-mode procedure.