Majority of Poles against plan for more Polish music on radio

The majority of Poles oppose a proposal tabled by a Law and Justice MP to increase the airplay of Polish music on radio stations.

Marek Suski wants the percentage of music tracks in Polish to be increased by radio stations from 33 to 50 percent, of which 80 percent would be aired between the hours of 5am to midnight.

But his plans have won little support from Poles, according to a survey posted on the Radio ZET website.

The IBRiS survey found that 61 percent opposed the plan, with 46 percent of respondents having a strongly negative opinion about it, while 15 percent of respondents held a rather negative opinion.

Only 13 percent have a strongly positive opinion on the idea, and 15 percent rather positive.

The survey by the Institute of Market and Social Research IBRiS for Radio ZET was carried out on January 21-22, 2022 on a representative sample of 1,100 respondents. The study was carried out by telephone interview and computer-assisted questionnaires.