Majority believe opposition will admit migrants if it wins election

A total of 52 percent of Poles are of the opinion that the opposition Civic Platform (PO) party will decide to admit migrants from Asia and Africa to Poland if it wins the forthcoming parliamentary election, a new poll has found.

Twenty-two percent disagreed with this view and said that PO would not allow this, and 26 percent did not have an opinion on the matter, portal reported on Sunday, quoting the results of the Social Changes survey.

The opinion, according to which PO will open the door to "mass-scale migration," was shared by 79 percent of the ruling United Right camp voters, 78 percent of the respondents supporting the far-right Confederation, 43 percent of Polska 2050 voters, and by 45 percent of Civic Coalition supporters.

Social Changes ran the survey on a representative sample of 1,072 Poles on June 23-27.

The current Polish government formed by the United Right coalition has been strongly against a recent migrant relocations scheme designed by the European Commission to lift some burden from southern European countries that are most affected by migration waves from the Middle East and Africa.

Under the scheme, EU members would have to take in a quota of migrants or pay around EUR 20,000 per each rejected migrant. Poland argues it has taken in over a million Ukrainian refugees since Russia attacked its neighbour in February 2022.

Poland and Hungary voted against the scheme during the recent EU summit.

Poland will hold a parliamentary election either in October or in early November.

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