Main opposition's 'Women's Bus' hits the road in search of female voters

Barbara Nowacka said: It will be women who will be victorious in these elections. Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Civic Coalition (KO), Poland’s largest opposition grouping, has launched its ‘Women’s Bus’ campaign in an effort to woo female voters ahead of the general election on October 15.

The launch also gave KO the opportunity to present its women candidates as well as its "pro-women" policies.

Opposition parties hope to capitalise on apparent disquiet among female voters over the government. The tightening of Poland's strict abortion laws triggered some of the biggest anti-government demonstrations seen in recent years, which appeared to make evident the rejection by many women of the government's socially conservative policies.

Barbara Nowacka, a KO MP, who took part in a press conference in Warsaw on Thursday to promote the 'Women to the polls' campaign said: "It will be women who will be victorious in these elections.

"But in order for us to win these elections for ourselves, for our daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends – for all Polish women – we need to rally together!" she added.

Nowacka said that the Civic Coalition's 'Women's Bus' would set off on Thursday to travel throughout Poland to present the grouping's female candidates and its pro-women programme.

"First of all, we will present our wonderful candidates and, secondly, our programme which broadly supports Polish women - beginning in the education system, through the labour market, health and safety matters and ending with the expectation of a secure old age," she pointed out.

Poland goes to the polls on October 15 in an election that some have described as the most important in decades.

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