Main opposition party to file bill on fund against COVID-19 pandemic

Mateusz Marek/PAP

The Civic Coalition (KO) parliamentary caucus will file with the Sejm (lower house) a draft aimed at establishing a PLN 5 billion (EUR 1.1 bln) fund to finance the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, KO caucus head Cezary Tomczyk said on Monday.

According to Tomczyk, means from the fund are to be spent on the purchase of equipment, flu vaccinations and tests.

Addressing reporters in the Sejm, Tomczyk stated that recent data were proof that Poland's health care system was on the limit of its operational capacity.

Referring to a government-authored bill, which, in his opinion, is planned to discipline doctors and which is to be debated by the lower house on Tuesday, Tomczyk said that there was no need today for such a draft.

"Speaking on behalf of the entire Civic Coalition, let me state it very clearly that there is no need today for a bill disciplining doctors. What is necessary today is a bill which will discipline the Polish government and will force it to act," he said, explaining why the KO caucus had decided that its draft was needed.

Under the KO's draft, the government will be obliged to purchase 10 million flu vaccinations and test all citizens for coronavirus. "In connection with this, the number of tests must grow to 100,000 a day," he added.

Tomczyk also said that the government would be obliged to inform the public how the current pandemic situation really looked.

"This is an extraordinary situation and Poland needs extraordinary measures," he said.

Referring to the announcement regarding a temporary field hospital at Warsaw's National Stadium, Tomczyk said that it showed that the situation was bad, and that Poland was in crisis. He also described the decision as necessary but a delayed one.