Łucznik produces commemorative centenary FB Vis pistol

On the occasion of Poland's 100th anniversary of regaining independence, arms maker Łucznik has created a limited edition commemorative FB Vis pistol based on original pre-war documentation, the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) has announced.

A PGZ communique stated that the Łucznik gun factory in Radom (central Poland), a unit of PGZ, had produced a limited edition of 50 pistols.

"Each of the pistols has a commemorative engraving, presenting the pennant of the 1939 cavalry of the Second Polish Republic and the insignia '100 YEARS INDEPENDENT.' In addition, each pistol is marked with an individual serial number, in the range of 201801 - 201850," according to the communique.

"The weapon is recognised as one of the best Polish constructions," the release continued. "The FB Vis 35 pistol was designed by the famous Polish engineers Piotr Wilniewczyc and Jan Skrzypiński at the beginning of the 30s. Prototype models were made in 1930 at the Warsaw Rifle Factory."

"The pistol was made up of 48 elements and received the designation Wis wz. 1931 from the first letters of its creators' surnames, which was later changed to Vis - from the Latin word 'vis' (strength). In February 1932, the pistol received Polish patent number 15567 and then a decision was taken to adopt it to the armaments of the Polish Army as an eight-round 9mm automatic pistol (...). Serial production started in 1936 and in the course of three years the Polish army was equipped with almost 50,000 pieces," the press release added.