Lower house passes 2021 budget report

The Sejm, the lower house of parliament, on Friday passed the government's 2021 budget report and execution of the budget in a 228 to 216 vote with one abstention.

According to the report, budget revenues for 2021 came to PLN 494.8 billion (EUR 103.6 billion) against a planned PLN 482.9 billion (EUR 101.1 billion), with outlays at PLN 521.2 billion (EUR 109.2 billion) against a planned PLN 523.5 billion (EUR 109.6 billion) and a deficit of PLN 26.3 billion (EUR 5.5 billion) against a planned PLN 40.5 billion (EUR 8.5 billion).

The Sejm also turned attention to irregularities in the execution of the 2021 budget reported by the Supreme Auditing Board (NIK), and appealed to the government to remove them.