Lower house adopts resolution commemorating Battle of Warsaw

The Polish Sejm (lower house) adopted on Wednesday a resolution commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw, in which Polish forces halted the westwards-advancing Red Army. The battle was the turning point of the 1919-1921 Polish-Bolshevik War.

The resolution states that from the end of July to the first days of September 1920, a decisive clash between Poland and Bolshevik Russia took place. "The bloody struggle was fought over a distance of nearly 500 kilometres: between Nieszawa on the Vistula, Sokal on the Bug and Kolno near the Prussian border and, between 13 and 15 August, in the proximity of the capital of Poland - near Radzymin and Ossow." the document reads.

It underlines the fact that the battle, headed by Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, defended the democratic order of the whole of Europe.

"By stopping the offensive of the Red Army, the Poles prevented the communist revolution from spreading to Europe and thus the destruction of Western civilisation. A daring counteroffensive from the Wieprz River, led personally by the Commander-in-Chief, went down in history as one of the greatest triumphs in the history of the Polish army," we read in the resolution.

The resolution also points to the fact that the war of 1919-1920 was a collective effort of the entire Polish nation, all its social groups, and national minorities.

In August 1920, the Polish side won an unexpected but important victory over the Red Army in the Battle of Warsaw. In the wake of the following Polish advance eastward, the Soviets sued for peace and a ceasefire was sealed in October 1920. The Battle of Warsaw helped defend Poland's newly regained independence.