Lodz economic zone attracts PLN 1 bln of investments despite pandemic

Grzegorz Michałowski/PAP

The Lodz economic zone has attracted more than PLN 1 bln (EUR 228 mln) in 20 investments this year despite the coronavirus pandemic, the Puls Biznesu broadsheet wrote in its Friday edition.

Even in the times of the most severe restrictions, the zone issued six permits and their total number has reached 20 so far this year, the daily wrote. This translates into more than 400 new jobs, the newspaper added.

Investments in the Lodz special economic zone can benefit from tax breaks as well as access to the latest technology, the zone's deputy CEO Agnieszka Sygitowicz was quoted as saying.

"We've been monitoring developments on the investment market and (can see) a positive attitude of companies despite the pandemic situation. We have opened a few investment processes and we are counting on a good autumn," Sygitowicz told the daily.

The zone's CEO Marek Michalik told the newspaper that he could see a significant growth of investments in Polish small and medium-sized companies.