Local gov't election results on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday

The deputy head of the State Electoral Commission (PKW), Wiesław Kozielewicz announced on Monday morning that the results of the Sunday local government elections will be announced either on Tuesday or Wednesday, but stressed that it could also be Thursday.

"As far as the official results of the Sunday vote are concerned, the head of the State Electoral Commission said that they will be announced either on Tuesday or Wednesday," Kozielewicz said, adding that the date seemed feasible.

He told a press conference that vote counting continued, and that by 6:00 a.m. on Monday district electoral commissions had already prepared 79,647 reports out of a total of 116,000.

According to results of an exit poll conducted by Ipsos research group, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) won a total 32.3 percent of provincial assembly votes in Sunday's local elections.

PiS was followed by the Civic Platform-Nowoczesna Civic Coalition (CC) with 24.7 percent. The Polish People's Party (PSL) was backed by 16.6 percent of the voters while the Kukiz'15 movement by 6.3 percent. Independent Local Governmentalists received 6.3 percent of the votes and the Democratic Left Alliance - Left Together - 5.7 percent, Ipsos polling agency reported.

A run-off round, if necessary, will be held on November 4. It will take place in districts where no candidate for a district head or town and city mayor has won over 50 percent of valid votes.