Living with COVID-19


In this episode of the Debrief, it’s time to take stock of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in Poland and how it’s an opportunity for change in all aspects of our lives…

After a while of staying silent on COVID-19, Debrief host John Beauchamp thought it would be a good time to take stock of where we’re at, and how the pandemic is actually a great time to change the way we do things. And he doesn’t seem to be alone in this.

On the line for this episode we speak to Dr Stefan Czarniecki who gives a clinical look at how we’re adapting to COVID-19 as a society, how the pandemic has changed the way he sees his patients and how it has given rise to a new start-up idea.

Dr Czarniecki also suggests a points-based scheme on how to lead our lives – the greater the risk to catch COVID-19, the more points you get, and once you hit the limit, it’s back to self-isolation for the rest of the month!