Literary Nobelist Olga Tokarczuk to establish foundation

Maciej Kulczyński/PAP

Support and promotion of Polish and global art and culture, promotion of human rights and civil freedoms and support for environmental activities are all aims to be included in the statute of a foundation Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk intends to found.

Tokarczuk will donate PLN 350,000 (EUR 81,383) to the foundation.

During a press conference in Wroclaw (southwestern Poland) on Monday, 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature winner Olga Tokarczuk announced that work is ongoing on the statute of the Olga Tokarczuk Foundation. Having declared a donation of PLN 350,000, the writer said she had appointed director Agnieszka Holland to the foundation's council as well as the director of the Wroclaw Literature House, writer Ireneusz Grin.

"The foundation will undertake the counteraction of discrimination, women's rights and support for the development of the Lower Silesian region," Tokarczuk said, adding that the foundation will conduct cultural and artistic activities including organising stipendiums and artistic residencies.

"We also want to initiate ecological activities covering protection of the natural environment (...), she said. "We want to raise public awareness in the field of the natural environment and act for the humane treatment of animals."