Lewandowski to quit Bayern Munich

Thomas Eisenhuth

Football star Robert Lewandowski is set to leave club Bayern Munich, according to the German newspaper Bild.

Talking to The First News, chief sports editor Christian Falk confirmed rumours of the 29-year-old’s plans following an interview with the Forward’s manager.

Falk said: “Pini Zahavi told us, Robert wanted to leave Bayern Munich. It's not that Lewandowski is unhappy in Bayern. But he is still looking for new impulses in his career, he would like to play in a big international club and most of all he would like to play in the Champions League finals. He hasn’t managed to do this in Bayern for four years. And a club like Real Madrid can offer a much better chance of doing that."

During a press conference ahead of the World Cup, Lewandowski declined to deny rumours of his departure, fueling speculation.

Real Madrid is thought to be considering a transfer following Zinedine Zidane’s surprising step down as the team’s main coach.

Other clubs, like Paris Saint Germain with their new coach Thomas Tuchel (formerly Borussia Dortmund), Chelsea London and Manchester United, are also said to be interested in taking on Lewandowski.

But the player’s contract with Bayern lasts until 2021.

Bild’s Falk told The First News the only way to speed up the transfer would come down to cost:

He said: "Bayern will not let him go easily. 100 million euro wouldn‘t be enough to convince them to terminate their contract with Lewandowski. It would have to be an amount in the order of Neymar's transfer to make FC Bayern’s bosses start thinking seriously about giving up Lewandowski.”