Lewandowski sets his sights on new goal

Marcin Kmieciński

Footballing ace Robert Lewandowski is moving off the pitch and into the lakes – by investing in a new complex in Poland’s Mazury.

Amid rumours he is about to quit club Bayern Munich, the 29-year-old Forward has set his eyes on a new goal, one of the most impressive tourist regions in Poland.

The area around the city of Giżycko at Niegocin Lake is set to turn into a "Little Venice". That’s how the soccer player imagines the place in about two years’ time. A huge recreational water sports complex, a Marina, harbour and floating service centres and shops, are just some of the ideas he hopes to create. Among other attractions, there will be submarine rides in the deep waters of the lake, a boat rental facility and a fish bar. There will be also something special – Venetian gondolas which Lewandowski is going to bring to Giżycko from Italy.

Together with his partners, he hopes that his investment will revitalise the Giżycko channel. According to the mayor, more and more people are buying properties in the area.

“Who wouldn’t like to have his business or his house right next to the Bayern Munich star? The best opportunity to get Robert’s autograph will be in in our town soon,” the mayor of Gizycko, Wojciech Iwaszkiewicz said.

He added that an increasing number of investors were now looking for the opportunity to hand over their money after hearing that Lewandowski would begin operating there.

The green light for building the "Second Venice" has already been given. The “Water World” consortium, consisting of the football star and his business partners’ company, “Nowe Mazury 8”, will receive substantial subsidies for its investment. An estimated 27.5 million złotys from EU funds will flow into the "Water World" consortium to support the project amounting to 50 million zł.

The construction work is expected to start soon – probably at the end of this year or early next year. If it goes smoothly, it’s likely the whole investment will be ready by 2020.

“Little Venice” is not the only business activity of Robert Lewandowski. In Warsaw, he invests in a clinic for injured players. He also opened an agency specialising in marketing communication and invested, among others, in an internet shopping gallery.

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