Left-wing leaders announce new political initiative

Wojciech Olkuśnik/PAP

Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) leader Wlodzimierz Czarzasty and head of the Spring party Robert Biedron have announced the formation of a new grouping to be called the New Left.

The two stressed that the move was the beginning of consolidation of all left-wing forces in Poland. The decision to form a new political grouping was taken during a Saturday meeting of both parties' statutory bodies.

The New Left, to be established in a few weeks, is to be ruled in partnership, Biedron said.

Czarzasty, at a joint press conference with Biedron, explained that the SLD and Spring consolidation process would ultimately take place after the court registered the new party's statute. The party's authorities will be elected during a congress that will follow the registration.

The SLD leader noted that the new formation was not missing anyone, that is, the Left Together party headed by Adrian Zandberg. "We are going our own road, but together we are going in the same direction," he pointed out, adding that the three parties have one parliamentary club and will have one presidential candidate in the spring 2020 election.

Biedron stressed that Saturday's decision was a historic moment for the Polish left, adding that the left always wins elections when it is united and suffers defeats when it goes to elections divided. "This is the beginning of the consolidation of all left-wing and progressive forces," emphasized Biedron.