Kukiz '15 signs cooperation agreement with ruling party

Paweł Kukiz emphasised that the deal was not a coalition agreement. Radek Pietruszka/PAP

The head of the Polish political grouping Kukiz '15 has confirmed that his party has signed a cooperation deal with the ruling Law and Justice party.

Speaking in an interview for the wPolityce.pl portal on Monday, Paweł Kukiz, however, emphasised that the deal was not a coalition agreement.

The deal will help shore-up Poland’s United Right coalition government. The coalition has been weakened in recent months by disagreements between Law and Justice (PiS), the dominant party, and its allies Agreement and Solidary Poland. In one incident, Solidary failed to support PiS in a parliamentary vote prompting speculation the coalition could fall apart.

But with the agreement, Law and Justice now has the limited support of the four Kukiz MPs in the 460-seat the lower house of Polish parliament.

Earlier on Monday, PAP learnt unofficially that Law and Justice (PiS) and Kukiz '15 had signed a deal and that further details would be released later. The information was confirmed by wPolityce.pl, which quoted Kukiz as saying details would be revealed at a press briefing within two weeks.

The agreement is the result of many meetings, the most recent of which was held at the Prime Minister's Office on Monday between PiS party leader and deputy prime minister Jarosław Kaczyński and Kukiz.

"Such a meeting had been prepared for a long time," Kukiz told wPolityce.pl. "Various nuances still had to be established between our representative, Jarosław Sachajko, and Minister Łukasz Schreiber. It was an issue of specifying the expectations of each side. We've got it all behind us now... and the time has come to formalise things, in the form of a deal on cooperation during this term of office."