Krakow still home to 50,000 Ukrainian refugees

Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

A hundred days since Russia invaded Ukraine, Krakow is still hosting 50,000 Ukrainian refugees, of whom 28,000 have been given a Polish PESEL ID number, the city’s authorities have reported.

The PESEL number is needed to access the Polish education and healthcare system, among other benefits.

Since the war started on February 24, about 177,500 Ukrainians have come to Krakow. Most of them have left for nearby cities and towns, other destinations in Europe or returned to their homeland, Krakow city hall said in a report released on Friday.

Krakow has provided 1,000 tonnes of aid to Ukraine, which was taken to the country on 200 trucks and lorries. Ukraine has also received six city buses filled with aid and an ambulance.

Close to 6,900 Ukrainian children have been enrolled in Krakow kindergartens and schools.