Krakow second best developed metropolis in Poland - report

Jerzy Ochoński/PAP

Poland's southern city of Krakow is, after Warsaw, the most developed metropolis in the country, said experts from the PwC consulting company in a report presenting the condition of Polish cities.

Krakow, as one of 12 urban centers, was included in the fourth edition of the "Report on Major Polish Cities". The PwC specialists assessed seven areas of development capital: institutions, infrastructure, culture and image, quality of life, financial resources, investment attractiveness, and population and society. Conclusions from a section of the report Krakow were presented by the analysts during Thursday's press conference.

According to the results, Krakow had the largest growth out of 12 biggest cities in Poland.

Witold Orlowski, from PwC, said that Polish cities were very important to the development of the whole country. The report embraced twelve Polish cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw (western Poland), Gdansk (northern Poland), Katowice (southern Poland), Poznan (western Poland), Bydgoszcz (northern Poland), Szczecin (northern Poland), Lublin (eastern Poland), Bialystok (eastern Poland), Rzeszow (southeastern Poland), and Lodz (central Poland). These cities, with a total population of 6.7 mln inhabitants, generate 32 percent of the entire GDP.

The report also says that among Krakow's strengths were large numbers of brand new flats, a developed network of local roads, strong social activity and one of the best uses of European funds in Poland.