Kraków hosts CYBERSEC European Cybersecurity Forum

The 4th CYBERSEC European Cybersecurity Forum, starting in Kraków, southern Poland, on Monday, will serve to draft recommendations for strengthening the European Union's and NATO's cybersecurity.

The two-day forum is to be attended by top cybersecurity experts from all over the world.

Scheduled CYBERSEC panels, to be addressed by 140 speakers, will cover four areas - state, army, future and business.

According to Izabela Albrycht, president of the Kosciuszko Institute, the main organiser of CYBERSEC, the event is a platform for cooperation between governments, international organisations and key players in the private sector.

"We want CYBERSEC to be a real debate about what is important and up-to-date in cyber security. Our guests and panelists are experts who influence the development of strategies and policies for cybersecurity and for digital technologies of the future," Albrycht pointed out.