Krakow airport records 85 pct decline in passenger traffic

Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

The Krakow-Balice International Airport in southern Poland serviced nearly 39,000 passengers in March, 85 percent less than in the previous year, the airport announced on Thursday.

The CEO of Krakow Airport, Radoslaw Wloszek, said that despite a decline in passenger traffic the airport is consistently implementing its mission of rebuilding its connections network, and planning for the safe return of passengers to it.

"Krakow and Malopolska (southern Poland's province - PAP) will again gain tourists, thanks to the investments included in the General Plan of the Krakow-Balice airport, which will facilitate the expansion of the modern infrastructure of our airport," Wloszek said.

The airport launched a summer flight schedule on March 28. Owing to the pandemic, many airlines decided to introduce new destinations but the start of flights to them will be delayed until May or June.

Krakow Airport is the second largest airport in Poland in terms of the number of passengers handled and the largest regional airport. It serviced 2,593,000 passengers in 2020, down by 69 percent than a year earlier.