Kielce awarded Platinum Certificate by World Council On City Data

Kielce is one of 51 cities honoured with a Platinum Certificate by the World Council On City Data (WCCD), Mayor Wojciech Lubawski announced on Monday.

The document, which certifies Kielce as a city that demonstrates its commitment to high calibre, internationally standardised and comparable city data, was granted by the Canadian organization World Council on City Data.

During the conference, the mayor stressed that Kielce was the only Polish city to receive the highest platinum certificate of compliance with ISO 37120 standards. The certificate demonstrates that Kielce is an innovative city, working on the improvement of its services and the well-being of the city.

The ISO 37120 standard focuses on factors determining the quality of life in the city, including economic development, access to high quality educational services, energy efficiency, security and access to basic communal services such as high quality drinking water, a sewage network or high-speed internet.

The city of Kielce was subjected to a detailed examination of the 100 most important indicators determining the quality of life in the city, the level of its development, the advancement of implemented solutions and the daily functioning of its residents. 

WCCD authorities, in justifying the certificate, emphasized that "this achievement is a distinction confirming the image of Kielce as a global city helping to provide for a more sustainable, prosperous, dynamic, intelligent and inclusive future."

Mayor Lubawski pointed out that obtaining the ISO 37120 certificate is the result of ten years of hard work in the area of management improvement and the acquiring of other certificates. "I think that this platinum Smart City certificate is Kielce’s success, and a success for the whole of Poland," he stressed.

He added that thanks to these activities, Kielce can benefit from the experience of many other cities that have undergone development. "Taking advantage of these experiences is definitely a better solution than coming up with ways to open a door that has already been opened," said Lubawski.

In addition to Kielce, among the other cities to receive the platinum certificate of compliance with the ISO 37120 standard were Toronto, London and Amsterdam.