Katowice economic zone gains eight investments this year

The Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE), in southern Poland, has attracted eight new investments worth EUR 93 mln (PLN 390 mln), thus maintaining its 2017 high growth pace, the zone's officials have announced.

The investments will offer employment to at least 540 people, while the existing 6,300 jobs will be maintained.

The ZF TRW Automotive engineering company will build a third plant in Czestochowa, which is part of the KSSE. The investment will cost at least EUR 21 mln (PLN 88 mln), offering employment to 300 workers.

The electrical engineering firm BMZ Poland will build a new production hall and warehouse in Gliwice and will introduce new production technologies, employing several more people on top of its 600-strong staff.

Tenneco Automotive will expand its manufacturing facility at a cost of EUR 30 mln (PLN 125 mln). This investment will create 60 new jobs, while the 1,200 existing ones will remain unaffected.

Italian company Pol-Technology plans to develop novel methods of coating rubber and metal elements in its EUR 5.7 mln (PLN 23.8 mln) plant that will offer 60 new jobs.

Polish lighting company ROSA, which already has three plants in the KSSE, will invest at least EUR 14.8 mln (PLN 62 mln) and and by 2020 will increase its labour force to 230 from 200.

Polish water and soft drink producer Zywiec-Zdroj will expand its plant and employ 21 new people. The investment will cost EUR 7.80 mln (PLN 32.7 mln).

The KSSE is Poland's biggest economic zone in terms of attracted investments, with 300 Polish and foreign companies present there. The total value of investments in the zone is about EUR 7.4 bln (PLN 31 bln). The investors have created over 70,000 jobs.

Last year, the KSSE reached its best annual result so far, having attracted 58 new projects worth a record EUR 800 mln (PLN 3.4 bln). The investments involve 2,000 new vacancies. The investors have vowed to keep the existing 14,000 jobs.