Kaczynski warns of left ideology, both in Kremlin and the West

Przemysław Piątkowski/PAP

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of Poland's ruling conservative party, has said Poland needs to stand up to left-wing ideology, which he said could be seen both in Moscow's imperialism and Western liberal movements.

Kaczynski continues his tour of Poland during which he meets with supporters at local venues, laying the ground for next year's general elections. On Sunday, he met with residents of the town of Stargard in north-western Poland.

At the rally, Kaczynski said the Kremlin regime was the "old left" that "is doing horrible things in the East by attacking Ukraine, committing terrible crimes and threatening others with the use of nuclear weapons, by annexing Ukrainian territories..."

On the other hand, Kaczynski said, Poland faces a threat from left-leaning domestic parties and Western influences, which "want Poland to stop being Poland in the traditional sense."

He accused Poland's parties with left agendas of "parroting everything."

"And it doesn't matter what kind of absurdity or madness it is," Kaczynski said. "(According to them - PAP) it should be implemented in Poland, too."

In this context, Kaczynski complained that some universities had regulations that make it possible to dismiss an employee who addresses a transgender student in an inappropriate way.

"Yes, some universities do have such regulations," he said.

Kaczynski went on to say that "the left-wing offensive is not only against our customs, but often simply against common sense."

"And this is what happens in many countries in the West," he said. "And this is the threat Poland faces. It's already happening."

Kaczynski and his party, Law and Justice (PiS), have often been accused of using LGBT issues for political purposes. The PiS leader was already reprimanded on Wednesday by the parliamentary ethics committee for statements he made about transgender people. In his election campaign, Andrzej Duda, the incumbent president supported by PiS, also expressed concerns about "LGBT ideology" at political rallies, sparking protests from LGBT communities in Poland and abroad.